Thursday, October 3, 2013


We are continuing to love our time here!  Philip is enjoying his course (especially the Flying parts!) and the kids and are are constantly amazed at all the fun stuff to do around here!

The library is one block away and we got a temporary card (there was a fee but I figured it's going to be worth it if we check out a stack of books every couple of days!)

Part of the kid's area


Chalkboard pole

Caleb intently "reading" a book about cars

Moriah's friend, Reagan, invited her to come to her ballet class as a guest yesterday on "Bring A Friend" day.  Moriah was in Heaven!  *(We have been planning to put her in a dance class when we return home, so had already purchased her outfit before our trip, and she was so in love with it that she begged to bring it along.. so it worked out perfectly!)

Oh, and I had to take these pictures with no flash since I was shooting through glass, so forgive the quality...

Excited for the class to start!

So cute

Moriah was soo intent on doing everything right!

Doing a pairs activity


Learning a new step

Soo happy!

"Do your own thing dance time" - Moriah's favorite!

Love her!

All done!   How cute are they???

Today has been (for the most part) a dark, dreary, RAINY day!   The kids Love this window!
 Watching the storm

Later, playing in the sunshine with cars

 If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we aren't going to be sick for a loong time!    We have eaten two of the three bags of apples we brought home from Grandma Eberts' farm!   Other than eating them raw, this is what we've done with them (after making apple sauce):

 Baked apple slices topped with cheese, toasted walnuts and drizzled with honey (amazing!)

 The kids love these apple "sandwiches" with peanut butter and chocolate chips inside

 I've made a couple apple Galettes (soo easy and delicious!)

 Little apple turnovers

 Cheddar apple quesadillas (yum!)

I also made an apple cranberry pie, but it's in the freezer.   Any apple ideas you want to send my way?  (They have to use minimal ingredients, as I'm not at home and don't have most of my usual baking supplies) =)  Yes mom, the pie crusts were from the store... and they're actually amazing!


Mom W. said...

=) all good. You could try some little apple tarts, just cut the apples really fine and add the same stuff you would for a pie, then put a crumb topping on!! (You could even put in some walnuts/pecans with the apples in some!! I am sure the bought crust would be fine for these too!! =)

Wow, Moriah did well at the ballet class!! Raining here too!!

Mom E said...

Moriah is so beautiful and I was impressed with her ballet form. She really is going to be a natural I think. It was so cute to see Caleb reading his book so intently. It's so amazing to watch the gifts God gave them emerging. Keenan is such a good big brother too. Can't wait to try some of your apple recipes.