Saturday, October 19, 2013


Gray.  That's how we all felt this morning when we left Dayton.   It was cloudy and raining.   We were leaving Philip behind for another two weeks.   It was like going back to school after Christmas break.   Blah.

 Not super excited to be hitting the road

We only drove for five hours today and the kids did REALLY well!

We hit the pool as soon as we got to the hotel.   It was a little cold for me, but I got in anyway and the kids loved it.

 Three monkeys

 Canon ball!

 I love Moriah's mid air pose!

 Just chillin' poolside

 For some reason I like taking funny pictures of the kids and I in hotel room mirrors =)
We had dinner at Cracker Barrel - one of the kid's favorites

We skyped with Philip when we got back to the room.   Here's hoping for great sleep for all four of us tonight and an awesome drive home tomorrow!  We've been gone a long time!


Mom E said...

That picture of the 3 of them in the pool and Caleb trying to stay up on his elbows, but squishing those wonderful squishy cheeks together had me laughing out loud!

Mark and Rebekah said...

It felt like going back to school? That's AWFUL! I understand how you feel!
However, despite the day not starting well, you certainly made your trip fun for your kiddos! It looks like you had a special day together. My favourite picture is the hotel mirror one... Or maybe the kids on the pool chairs... Actually I like them all!
I hope you all settle in (or at least hit the deck running) well!
Love you!

Mom W. said...

Gray... interesting way to describe it!!! Caleb still cracks me up... acting like such a big kid!! HOpe you all got home safely!!