Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dayton Wrap Up

Well... my good streak of vacation blogging kind of fizzled there at the end, didn't it?

I think my camera may have just been a little weary... =)

Here are a few pictures I took over the last couple days of our trip:

This was just one of the gorgeous spots along our favorite running route - boy will I miss this path!!

 How gorgeous is that??  I love that the buildings in the background even look a little old fashioned =)

 Yes, I have a thing for silhouette shots =)

 This one kind of looks cold and icy to me for some reason

 A shot straight along the falls

 I like this one of Keenan.   I think I probably have the fewest pictures of him because he is the most busy!  I actually snapped this one while he was in time out.

 Philip and I

It has been so awesome spending time with the Ramages during our visit here!   They even bumped Reagan's birthday party to last night so we could be there!

 Fun Hello Kitty party


 Singing time!


Tiff has become quite the whiz at cake decorating!!


Mom E said...

It just seems wrong to take a picture of your kid in time out and have him smile. LOL. I love him. He's so sweet!

Mom W. said...

Haha, Kathleen's comment!! Yeah!! Funny!! Wow, impressive cake!!