Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

I had some camera and uploading issues, so I didn't get to blogging for a couple days, but we're back!

Here are some randoms before our pictures from the museum:

Is it bad that I took a picture of his pants before moving him from his (obviously) way too close spot by the tv? =)

Peek a boo at park

Kids in a bubble

Love these eyes and this goofy kid!

Fell asleep on Mommy (I didn't mind)

A blanket fort the kids made the other morning

Sunday was a dark, rainy day, so we decided to check out the kid's museum that was five minutes away - it was a blast!

Ready to go to the moon!

Down the slide

Just showing some of the awesomeness

I especially liked that they had live animal exhibits!

Moriah with a huge snake!

A possum

A rat snake with a staring problem

Caleb loved the turtles!

Nasty!   Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches!  They were as big as my thumb!

This was super cool!   This big screen was on a wall in front of us, and there was a camera on the wall behind us that projected our shapes up onto the screen and when we moved, it made cool designs!
(This is Moriah, Caleb, Philip and Keenan)

Moriah climbing up to the second story

...and there goes Keenan

Caleb inside a huge inflating "hut"

Moriah conducting electricity

The kids found that the slide was even more fun when they got in these burlap sacks for the ride down!

Ha!  Love her hair!

Huge water table!

These three were upstream

Caleb the plumber

Moriah the scientist


Caleb getting serious about finding the right pieces

Caleb and Mommy at the bottom of the two story slide

Some groundhogs

A weirdo

My favorite part of this one is the photo bomber!

Caleb and the Otters made a connection =)

We are having too much fun! =)

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The Woodfords said...

Children's museums are the Best! Glad there is a great one close by you - looks like it was so much fun!!

Love you all,