Friday, October 11, 2013

A New Park, Yellow Springs, and an Evening With the Ramages

Yesterday morning the kids and I visited a new park we had seen...


Caleb standing in one of the high openings like he likes to do and freak me out

"Hey Mom, watch this!"

Cute monkey

My 100% Michigan Lover - he's so grown up!!

Yup, still a monkey

All three on the big corkscrew

Another monkey

We Love the trees turning color!

She said, "When I'm pushing him on the swing, I feel like I'm babysitting him!" =)

He seems pretty happy with the situation

I love this one of the two of them pushing

Snack time

At the very tip of my finger you'll notice a tiny drop of water on a blade of grass... I had to have it

 Here it is =)

The kids tracking squirrels, trying to feed them

Aaaah!  We shrunk Moriah!  Now she fits in Keenan's hand!

I found a rare, black jaguar asleep under the play equipment

Caleb wanted me to brush his hair.  This is what happened. =)

Last night we went to a pretty little town called Yellow Springs, to meet up with Matt and Tiffany, take some family pictures for them, see the town and have dinner.

This was in a famous multi-acre field of sunflowers on the way into town
(They were nearing the end of their season)

A family picture in the woods while we waited for them to arrive

Pretty girls

Handsome boys

Great friends!

 One sneak peek from their shoot

We had a delicious dinner at a place called The Winds.   I had pumpkin/squash lasagna - it was amazing!

We saw this on the way back to the van - not a common sight these days!

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Mom W. said...

Caleb's hair... Matt would say.. Epic Hair? =)

I liked the sleeping jaguar!!

Are you doing anything for Canadian Thanksgiving??? Wish you were here!! =)