Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Birthday and then... A Barn Full of Animals

Taylor's 21st birthday was on Monday, so on Sunday evening, a bunch of us drove to East Lansing to surprise her at her apartment and take her out for a birthday dinner. It was a blast!

Taylor (left) with one of her room mates, Alex

Moriah and Bridget

Uncle Ty (Michigan State fan) not a fan of Philip's Michigan sweatshirt touching him =)

Us with Aunt Mary and Davis

Caleb being sweet with Taylor

All of us after dinner

Davis rode home with us and Caleb wanted to hold his hand =)

Monday morning we packed up and headed back to Ohio...

One more picture at Aunt Mary's

Gorgeous leaves!!

Since yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving... this girl wanted some Turkey!    We had lunch at Bob Evans...

The kid's extendable straws were the longest I've ever seen! =)

The slow roasted turkey meal and pumpkin pie were Amazing!!

We stopped to visit Charlie and Trisha on the way home and got to see lots of fun animals at Trinity Acres!

Moriah admiring some baby chicks and their Mama

So cute!

...and a Mama duck (who is not Nearly as good looking as her babies!)

Chatting with some Chickens

Think this is cute?

Check out the backstage view!  Love it!!

Which one does not belong?

A gorgeous Flemish Giant 

Miniature Horses!

They were soo sweet



Love this

They were so funny!

"Hey, Caleb"



This guy was feisty!

I loved this backdrop in the barn

Sweet shot of Caleb and Charlie

Fun with some old cars in the garage...

Love these!

Then we got to make some apple cider!

The apples are ready,

The antique cider mill is ready,

... so let's throw in some apples!

Love this view

The apples all ground up in the bottom

Then they take the bucket over to the press...

... screw down the lid...

...and crank the cider out!


Somebody got chilly =)

Trisha and Kiah

Caleb had a great time moving apples from one place to another

These two hit it off (and kind of look alike)

I love Llamas!

This was as social as they got all evening (Charlie says they're kind of stuck up, like cats)

Fun John Deere shot

Philip's hand next to a huge Praying Mantis!

Then it was time to ride on stuff!

Moriah and Caleb with Charlie on the golf cart

Then Philip got on and they went out to the woods

Caleb helping steer

Keenan's first four wheeler ride!

Totally stoked!

Off they go!

So pretty!

That's a big helmet for a little girl!

She looked so small on the four wheeler!

I got on the golf cart and Philip let Keenan help steer

Micah and Riah behind us in the woods

All of us before we headed out

What a fun time!!   Now we're back "home" in our townhouse in Dayton for a few more days...


Mom W. said...

I liked the backstage view!!

Really fun seeing the cider made, did you drink any???

All the leaves falling off the trees here now!!

Mom E said...

What great pics of Trinity Farm & the whole Winter Fam. I am amazed at how much Kiah & Riah look alike...and their names even rhyme. That was a rare and great pic of Trisha and Kiah together. Looks like you had so much fun.