Monday, September 23, 2013

Winding Down

Getting one last blog post in before the kids and I head for Ohio tomorrow...

A couple days ago, I put together an advertisement for Christmas photos and my kids were super sweet and obliging so I could take some sample Christmas shots! =)

One of my favorites

Spunky did a good job, too =)

How sweet are these three??

This is the ad (I have seven families signed up for that morning!)

Frozen treats for being so good for the shoot! =)

We had fun in a friend's pool on Thursday afternoon...

There was a frog,

lots of jumping on the trampoline,

a cute girl in the hot tub,

spray guns,

... and Moriah relearned how to swim!  Yay!

Moriah with Eden and Brooke

I got my hair cut.

A visit to Chick Fil A

One of Keenan's latest Lego creations

A trip to the beach (that actually went pretty horribly after this picture)

It rained all day Saturday, so I cleaned up the basement (Philip was so happy and joked that he should go away more often!)

The carpet by the door had soo much sand in it that I could write my name with the vacuum!  Gross!

Today we are finishing our packing, met Keenan's piano teacher, need to drop the dog off at the kennel and I have one last minute photo shoot this evening.  Tomorrow morning we have Classical Conversations in the morning and then we hit the road!!

Next post will be en route to, or from Ohio!


Aunt Heather said...

At first glance the beach picture looked like a daring pic of the kids relaxing in the snow!

Mom W. said...

LOL Heather, I thought that too!!!

Hope your trip up is going well, I am sure everyone is excited to see Philip!!! Anxious to hear from you when you land!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love all of your pictures, but I ESPECIALLY love the Christmas pictures! SO CUTE! It's actually making me want to get in the Christmas mood :)