Monday, September 30, 2013

Part One: National Museum of the United States Air Force

Since the museum is so HUGE, we just took a short trip there last night to check out the lay of the land...

First up, an F-4 cockpit that people can actually climb in!

Check out all those controls!

There's Riah in the backseat

Then she got a turn in the front

Caleb is up first in the F-16

Happy girl at the controls!

"Ugh, Mom!"

Moriah and I flying together

Front view with Riah through the heads-up-display

Parts of the Berlin wall

The Apollo 15 command module

This picture doesn't do these ICBMs justice - they are six stories tall!

Looking down from the second level
(B-2 in the middle with SR-71 off to the right)

Keenan in the training module, landing the Space Shuttle

I successfully landed it on my third try after crashing a couple times

Even Caleb got to try!

We will definitely be going back - probably several times!


Aunt Heather said...

We were there! We girls did get bored after a while but the guys loved it.

Mom W. said...

Part of the Berlin wall eh???

Mom E said...

That's pretty cool there. If you liked this, you will want to visit the Atlantis Facility at the KSC Visitor's Center. It's quite impressive. Has a LOT of hands-on things for kids to do. I saw the introductory movie twice (before you enter the actual facility) and cried both times. I think they offer military discounts. If Jeff is still working out there & meets you there, you can use his badge for 20% off on all the food and 10% in the gift shop.