Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our Last Week

Jeepers... me and keeping this blog updated! Someone I know faithfully updates their blog at least weekly - maybe I should follow suit =)

Here's what we've been up to the past week:

Philip and I got to go on a long overdue date!   We had a giftcard, so P.F. Chang's it was!   We had a great evening!!  The food was Incredible!

On the way to the restaurant we stopped at the beach (so Philip could find a geocache), so I got out out tiny point and shoot (that I have hardly Ever used!) and took a couple pictures to keep me happy... =)

Some flowers and an old fence

My date and I

This passed Sunday was Grandparents Day!    We sure love all the Grandparents in our lives! =)

The kids (all three!) did a painting project last week.  I had seen the watercolor and salt idea and wanted to try it out:

Set up with their canvases and watercolors

Keenan at work

Moriah's was Very colorful!

Caleb was a little unsure, but did a great job!

Apparently it got a little tiring, though =)

After we put the salt on (it was supposed to make a cool effect as it reacted with the water in the paint, I think ours weren't wet enough)

The finished products (Keenan, Moriah, Caleb)

I'm continuing to have a lot of fun with my camera as I learn more about it:

Keenan at nap time in my bed

Moriah in some delicious afternoon sun

Caleb and Moriah were the first ones up on Saturday morning

I love this one of Spunky! =)

The good looking boys in our family!

The splash park on base usually closes on Labor Day, so when we noticed, a few days ago that it was still open, we raced over to get in a bonus visit!

Love this

Caleb sleeps in some of the funniest positions!

My friend, Terri, and her one month old, Andrew came over for a visit yesterday.   The kids were thrilled to be able to hold him (he's still so tiny!) and I think he's the smallest baby they've ever held!

Happy Keenan

Proud Moriah


Mark and Rebekah said...

As usual, I LOVE your pictures...

I love the fact that the two of you got to go out on a date. I bet that doesn't happen all that often :) You both looked pretty happy!

I loved the art project. I'm wondering about trying it with my class. The canvases would be too expensive, but I have lots of nice water colour paper... I think my FAVOURITE picture though is the one of Caleb lying down and doing art. I SO feel like that some days! Not highly recommended as a teacher, but some days I just feel that tired :)

Mom W. said...

What a sweet baby!!!