Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Labor Day Weekend

We had a Wonderful long weekend together!

Moriah fell asleep while Daddy was reading the Bible before bed

The photography thing is keeping me pretty busy - I did two shoots this weekend.   (You can see my latest stuff on the blog). The following pictures are ones I snapped of the kids during a shoot at the park when they and Philip came along.  (The little boy I was photographing thought they, especially Moriah, were Hilarious so that worked out Really well!)

Love this silly girl

"Hey, Mommy, look!"

Being cute

... and a little dangerous

One of my monkeys on the monkey bars

Love this boy

Reach, Riah!

Same silly pose

Caleb asked for this picture

After the shoot was over and my friend and her son had left, our friends, the Obholz happened to show up and the kids started catching crabs in the water with Josh.

Happy dude (he can keep the crabs, this Momma doesn't want any!)

Large and medium sized crabs

...and Caleb holding the smallest one I've ever seen!

Another small, but not tiny one (he's not so sure)

A heron at sunset

The kids and their friend, Ana

On Saturday night we went to a geocaching event at a pizza place, along with about 40 other geocachers from the local area and several other states.   On the way, we checked out a gorgeous park in Crestview we'd never been to, but plan to visit again!

The beautiful pond and fountain 
(I like how all the geese/ducks are coming around the edge, just far enough out to not get sprayed by the fountain) =)

Their beaks were so unique!

My new favorite way to do Moriah's hair

Watching the ducks

We got pretty close to the birds while walking on the trail!

Moriah being silly on the workout equipment

Sweet Caleb asked to hold Moriah's hand in the van

Another silly picture of Keenan during a shoot last night:

He's got some mad skills!

A pretty shot on the way home

We had a great time with friends tonight, hanging out on the bayou at Devin and Melissa's today.   We ate great food, went jet skiing, tubing, water skiing, swimming with dolphins and held a few babies!   We desperately missed Josh and Rebekah, though... that hole is so not filling in.

This was my first time on skis in seven years and I was able to get up on my first try!  A couple falls did happen later, but I had a great time!


Mom W. said...

Way to go on the skis!!!

Beautiful pictures. Love Caleb's picture taking smile!!! =)

Mom E said...

So sweet that Moriah fell asleep on Daddy while reading his bible. I like Moriah's new hair style. I think it's fun that Caleb is actually asking for pics to be taken. Ewww on crabs! It made me cringe just seeing the pics. :) Keenan is seriously strong holding onto that pole. Great skiing Joia! Still say the boats in harbor at sunset should be patented as a post card shot!
Love, Mom