Monday, September 30, 2013

More Dayton...

I guess the trick to getting me to blog regularly is to have me away from all (well, most) of the responsibilities of home, and doing fun things every day - gotta keep up or I'll get behind, Fast! =)

A much needed trip to Tim Horton's with my little Canadians =)

Going on two... or fifteen?? =)

Couldn't resist this fence

Dayton, these three are coming for you!  (This will likely be their first CD cover)

A helping hand

I love her hair in this one!

Cuteness - they were so excited about the dandelions, they brought some back to the house

Fall leaves!   We are so excited!

I have never seen a kid play with cars for as long and as intently as this little guy... what a blessing to me! =)


Mom W. said...

Caleb cracks me up. Tim Hortons in Ohio??? Well Ohio is coming up in the world. =)

Joia said...

Mom, Ohio has actually had Tim Horton's for close to a decade... We have half a dozen within a few miles of us here

Mom E said...

Oh how I love that photo of Caleb in his MI shirt walking on the streets of Dayton! He looks SO much older than 23 mos! And I really like the effects in the b&w of the 3 of them with Keenan leading the way. I am a little jealous you get to enjoy a real fall! :) But happy for you.