Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dayton on Foot

The kids and I decided to take a walk and explore our neighborhood this morning. We had a blast!

How cute is this pink door?

Love this!

There's a small playground in a beautiful park right across the street from our subdivision

Keenan can climb just about anything!

See the monkey?

So happy!

Moriah was excited to find a dandelion to blow

...but it wouldn't blow =0/

The area is so pretty!

I LOVE these condos!

Huge baseball!

...and a big bat, too =)

Being friends

This river is just a few blocks away and has a running path we hope to use often


Notice the word under each? =)

Gorgeous flowers abound

Pretty girl in the flowers

This one is for all the Engineers in my life =)

Too many options for photos - it was kind of overwhelming!

Keenan with some graffiti

I LOVE this mural!


Jessica said...

WOW!!!! Who knew Dayton, Ohio was so beautiful?? I LOVE those townhouses and I think I want a pink door now too. So fun! Glad you guys got to join Phil on this adventure and that you were able to be together for your anniversary. Can't wait to see you guys in November!

Mom W. said...

Are those hats on the bench by the engineer's club? Fun!!

Great area and time of year to be there!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the pictures! All of them! I can see how you might have been experiencing photographers sensory overload :)
Enjoy your time away!