Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cheesy Smiles, Fun Times and Goodbyes

Wow, look at me, blogging again already! =)  Ha!

Here's some pictures of my cuties at Florida Park the other day

Caleb has the cheesiest smile!

Pretty girl by the water

Keenan is an expert on the monkey bars!  He did them ten times!

This ladder is a little full =)

...and funny!

I like this one

Philip left today for seven weeks.  He's doing a training course in Ohio called AMP (Aerospace Medicine Primary).    The bad part is, he won't be here with us, the good part is, we will be leaving in a week and a half to join him for a whole MONTH! =)    When he asked if we'd like to come up for part of it, I said, "Yes, but I CANNOT stay in a hotel room with three kids for more than a week... I will go insane!"   So, he found us a nice, two bedroom, furnished townhouse to live in!  YAY!  It's right across the street from a pretty park, is close to the library and other fun kid things and within walking distance of a river walk.   We are so excited to be up there at this time of year!!

Before he left this morning, we had some fun family time at the "little beach", watched the kids play in the water and had a picnic.

Moriah getting a bug off of Caleb's arm

Jumping together

All smiles

...more cheese

Moriah makes a splash

Keenan's impressive flip!

What a goof!

Running down the dock (I love how both feet are in the air)



It's so fun that Caleb is comfortable in the water without holding one of our hands now

I LOVE this!
(Look at my shell!)

More digging

Time for lunch!

It amazes me how sandy AND happy he can be at the same time =)

Just chillin'

As we were driving away, we got to see this Ultra Light circling over the beach and then flew Right by us!  Soo awesome!  He then landed on the water!

We have lots of fun stuff planned to keep us busy until we go see Philip.  Three parties on the calendar, two photo shoots, a meet and greet with Keenan's new piano teacher as well as CC and Awana.  We'll be there before you know it, Philip!  (and so continues the "summer of road trips").


The Woodfords said...

So glad you can go be with Philip for most of his time away! You'll get to enjoy the pretty fall leaves up there! Homeschooling is definitely a plus in these circumstances.

The pics you posted are hilarious! I love all the expression-full faces!! So cute.

Love you all,

Aunt Heather said...

Are you going to be in Dayton?

Mom W. said...

=( that Philip has to go away. But =) that you get to go there for a month and have a house. What an adventure... how about a quick trip to Ontario???

The pictures are great. Caleb's "cheesy" grin cracks me up every time. What a charmer!!

Love you guys!!

Rachel and Hans said...

Just caught up on a lot of your posts! Can't believe how big and cute your kiddos are! And I would go insane after 2 or 3 nights in a hotel with 3 kids...glad you found a townhome!