Monday, September 30, 2013

More Dayton...

I guess the trick to getting me to blog regularly is to have me away from all (well, most) of the responsibilities of home, and doing fun things every day - gotta keep up or I'll get behind, Fast! =)

A much needed trip to Tim Horton's with my little Canadians =)

Going on two... or fifteen?? =)

Couldn't resist this fence

Dayton, these three are coming for you!  (This will likely be their first CD cover)

A helping hand

I love her hair in this one!

Cuteness - they were so excited about the dandelions, they brought some back to the house

Fall leaves!   We are so excited!

I have never seen a kid play with cars for as long and as intently as this little guy... what a blessing to me! =)

Part One: National Museum of the United States Air Force

Since the museum is so HUGE, we just took a short trip there last night to check out the lay of the land...

First up, an F-4 cockpit that people can actually climb in!

Check out all those controls!

There's Riah in the backseat

Then she got a turn in the front

Caleb is up first in the F-16

Happy girl at the controls!

"Ugh, Mom!"

Moriah and I flying together

Front view with Riah through the heads-up-display

Parts of the Berlin wall

The Apollo 15 command module

This picture doesn't do these ICBMs justice - they are six stories tall!

Looking down from the second level
(B-2 in the middle with SR-71 off to the right)

Keenan in the training module, landing the Space Shuttle

I successfully landed it on my third try after crashing a couple times

Even Caleb got to try!

We will definitely be going back - probably several times!

Grandma's Farm

On Saturday, we drove to Hamden, OH to visit Grandma Eberts. We always love going there because the farm is so peaceful and beautiful!

This was a pre-trip picture, but super cute!

The kids love the playground at the school across the road...

Moriah on the same balance beam at the same playground in three stages of life =)


Caleb laughing it up on the monkey bars

I Love this one of Moriah and Grandma!

Keenan just chillin' (no hands) on the fire pole

Caleb and Grandma having a conversation through the funny "phone"

After a lot of tries...

Keenan shot a basket!  (Which was followed by many more)

He loved this little kite at her house

Happy boy up in Grandma's apple tree

They aren't much to look at, but they taste great!

Moriah with her basket full

Fun shot of the barn

Before we left, Grandma wanted to go find a geocache with us...

A rare invitation to hold Caleb's hands!

After we'd almost given up, Philip finally found the cache!

The triumphant cachers after putting it back


I made some apple sauce from some of the apples from Grandma
(We brought home three bags full, though, so I may be posting a lot of apple recipes soon!)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ninth Anniversary Date

Philip and I had a fantastic anniversary date!

First, dinner at Thai Nine
(It came highly recommended and was Delicious!)

Then a nice evening walk around part of Dayton...

Kissing shadows

My handsome husband

My favorite of the evening

Gorgeous sunset!

Dayton skyline


The night before, we had dinner with our friends, the Ramages (they did residency with us and live only 15 minutes from where we are in Dayton!)

The kids had a blast getting reacquainted after more than three years apart!

 Moriah, William, Reagan and Keenan

...and the Ramage's cooking is as excellent as we remember!

Matt and Tiff babysat the kids while we went on our date and they had a blast!!   Thanks so much, guys!