Thursday, August 8, 2013

Splash Adventure and Beyond

We went to a small waterpark near Wendi's parents yesterday. It. Was. AWESOME!

The kids waiting with anticipation to get in

It was the perfect size to keep track of the kids, while not being too small to keep them occupied for two hours

This pail dumped over periodically and was Massive!

Sweet Abigail


Keenan pulling the rope to make the faucet pour

Isaac loved these spraying tubes!

Love these two!

Me and my three =)

What a clown!

Keenan and Moriah waiting for the pail...



The whole sequence in quick snaps

Eating Wendy's in bed before naps

By the pretty fountain outside our hotel

Fun shot

Busy building with Magna-tiles

These things are Awesome!   This is what Keenan and Elijah built

Yesterday afternoon we went to Sugar Sand Park and also visited a small Kid's Science Explorium:

Caleb fascinated by the floating balls

Part of the room

Moriah and Keenan loved cranking this machine...

...that powers that train up on the wall - it went around the whole room as you cranked!

This was fun, but hard to explain

The kids and I had fun making an arch (and knocking it down) with these foam blocks!

Moriah, what happens when you push that button?


Wendi and I with the whole brood! =)

Next we went on the carousel with her niece and nephew, Grace and Nate:

Everyone unloading

The park was pretty incredible!  Three stories of climbing and exploring and sliding!


Isaac on the ropes

Pretty impressive


After we wore the kids out at the park, we went to DQ to cap off the night:

That's a lot of kids!

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Mom W. said...

I like the one of the whole brood!!! What an amazing splash park, makes the Norwich one look pretty pitiful!!