Friday, August 9, 2013

Pools, pools and pictures

Yesterday morning, before leaving, we swam with Wendi and her kids in the pool by her parent's house..

Keenan and Isaac

Wendi and I

One more Magna-tile creation 

Our visit (as you've seen from all the pictures!) was jam-packed with fun!   Wendi, thank you for your time and for taking us to so many fun places - we all had a blast!   What a special visit...

Back to Merritt Island:

Caleb happy at his spot at the window with all the cars =)

Two cuties on the swing

... and a photo bomber

Love this


Nice moustache, Isaac!

Now Everybody has a moustache!

Sweet girl on the swing

Picture time!
Moriah wanted in on this one with Uncle Isaac

Mom and Jeff

All three of them =)

I love this one of Mom and Isaac

Caleb using the claw on Uncle Isaac

Funny spaghetti boy

Mom made these, they were delicious!    
Spinach and artichoke toast, topped with tomato and parmesan

This morning we went out for breakfast to celebrate Mom's birthday (early).  Here she is with all her grandkids:

Thanks for the picture, Matt!

This afternoon we got to swim in Mom's neighbor's beautiful pool:

Mom and the kids

All of us

Moriah's jump
(No swim diapers left for Caleb, which means his regular diaper blew up like a balloon!  Ha!)

Isaac's "Turtle flip"

Keenan's "Jump and Spin"

Row, row, row your boat

Late night dance party with Grandma!
"Everybody Dance Now!"

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Mom W. said...

Caleb's pants in the picture with Moriah's jump - cracked me up!!

Nice pictures. So you must be headed home today!!!