Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our 2013 Summer Trip up North, Part Three

Heading home (and geocaching along the way)...

Right after leaving Bear Lake, we did a fun geocache that involved climbing "Bear Mountain"  (not Really a mountain, but certainly a big change from Florida!

On the fence

Our adventurous little geocachers

Heading up

Almost there!

Totally unprompted show of affection =)

Daddy and his littlest geocacher

Keenan and the sneaky cache

Pulling it out

I knew as soon as they crested this rise on the way out that it would make a great silhouette shot

Family picture before heading down (Michigan is SO gorgeous!)

On the way down

Love this

As we were driving through a small town, I spotted this on a side street and begged Philip to go back...

It reminded me of Mater
(It was actually a pretty sad scene, looked like a repair shop had burnt to the ground with at least four cars inside!)

This was close to another geocache... It's a big sandy, open space on a hill at an intersection, with a huge pile of sticks.  The locals take turns making words with the sticks.  Of course, I had to give it a go... =)

Climbing back over..

Philip and Keenan did a woodsy geocache while the rest of us picked up dinner...

Love this

This forest reminds me of the one in Anne of Green Gables!

Before checking into our hotel that night we stopped at Dairy Queen.    Possibly the oldest one ever!

Look at the awesome sign!

I don't think they've dropped a single item from their menu since Dairy Queen opened!  I didn't even know what a lot of these things were!  Their list of Blizzard flavors was all hand written.  No one wore uniforms, it was definitely a family run business.

Look at the ice cream and pop dispensers!

Best part?  They were Very generous with their serving sizes!  This was Supposed to be a small!  (It ended up being larger than a medium!)

The next day we stopped at a geocache that said we needed to show up with several gallons of water!

A huge piece of PVC pipe sticking out of the ground...

...With holes to be covered by two sets of hands...

...and a third set to pour the water in to float the cache up to the top!

Jump back!  Here comes the water!

The cache

Daddy's helper

We stayed the night in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with our friends (and Philip's former boss), the Haynes.

They took us on a beautiful walk around their neighborhood - the views were amazing!

Elise, Lindsay, James, David, Barbara and Emily

Dr. Haynes and Keenan having a wall squat contest

A super fun park called "The Imagination Station" that we took the kids to

Emily with Caleb

On one of the train cars at the park

The kids thought the nearby construction was as much fun as the park!

Several hours after leaving the Haynes', I was driving and all of a sudden the van started making a weird noise and started to slow down, even though I was trying to accelerate.    We called USAA, and waited in the van (in a rainstorm) for about 45 minutes waiting for the tow truck and a ride to our hotel where we'd spend the night in Montgomery.

Our hotel was gorgeous and we had a corner room with three huge windows with pretty good views of the city!

We ate at a Really great pizza place around the corner and the kids got to sit in their first ever shoe shine chairs! =)

Back in the window the next morning

The picture taking light in the room was perfect!  (Notice Keenan and Moriah snuggled up in the other bed watching TV)

Since the van was going to take all day being fixed, we decided to see the city a bit, first on foot...
We had seen this huge fountain from our hotel and wanted to check it out
So pretty!

This was right across the street...

THE bus stop where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat!  How cool is that??

Cool clock and old building

This was broken and Keenan pretended to climb inside


There were so many fountains!

Get it?

We checked out of our hotel and got a rental car and headed down to the riverfront...  We weren't there long before it started raining and we had to head back into the tunnel...

Which lead to this awesome shot

I love how Keenan is reflected in the rain water flowing down the incline

The beautiful capitol building

Unfortunately, when we checked in at the transmission shop, they were not finished with the van, so we decided to drive the rental car home and pick the van up two days later...

The trip ended up looking much the same as the start of it =)

What a crazy, busy, fun, hot, lots-of-miles trip it was!  =)


Mom W. said...

The water geocache was a cool idea!!!

Kathleen said...

That had to be the coolest geocache I've seen to date! The DQ & seeing the Hayes family were certainly great. Entering a real life "Imagination Station", seeing the Rosa Parks bus stop & staying at a beautiful hotel, all really awesome. And yes, I 'got' the pic of you & the kids imitating the statue (Moriah's pose was hilarious). But, the unprompted show of affection by Caleb? Priceless!!! :)