Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On the Road... Again!

This first picture is from Sunday morning. Caleb had Two people's hair to hold! =)

Monday morning the kids and I hit the road for the trip to Merritt Island to Mom and Jeff's.  We made it in seven hours and ten minutes!  The kids were AMAZING!!

Caleb snuggling with Grandpa

The kids waiting in anticipation...

For fun, on the road gifts from Grandma!

A cute book for Caleb

Hugs for Grandma before bed

Pile on Uncle Isaac!

Keenan was hoping Comet would sleep with him =)

Tuesday morning getting read to leave...


The "snack bar" Mom laid out for us to choose from for road snacks - Awesome! =)

We spent the morning at Jessica's, and were able to see Dad one more time before he headed back to Kenya!

Dad and all his crazy grandkids

From Jessica's, it was less than three hours to Wendi's parent's house...

Within minutes most of the kids were in super hero costumes!

The four oldest

The two little ones

After dinner, we walked to the park...

Elijah and Moriah


Abigail and her baby sister

Wendi and Elijah

I love this silly one

Isaac and Caleb

Our handsome oldest boys

On the way back to the house... =)

It has been soo awesome being with Wendi, since we always pick right back up where we left off... even with the craziness of 6.5 kids between us!    Headed out for more fun today!


Mom W. said...

So nice that you can be together!! The kids seem to be really enjoying each other. Wendi looks great!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Such cool pictures! I love the kids in the Superhero costumes. Caleb looks SO funny with the baggy Superman drawers :)