Saturday, August 24, 2013


Some random things we've been up to lately:

School stuff:

Moriah doing some Math and pattern recognition with teddy bears

Keenan working on writing

I love this design he made with the shapes from our Saxon Math set
(I think it looks like an owl with a headdress on) =)

Caleb and I being goofy

Peek a boo!

I took these two during a shoot for a friend (having three tag a longs is quite a challenge!)

I think this is hilarious.  Moriah wanted to hold him, but he's so huge!

These are two "teasers" from the shoot Rhoda, (of Violet Inspired Photography) took for us when we were all home in July.   We can't wait for the rest!

A Moriah funny from dinner last night:

We were talking about Cape Buffalo and I mentioned that they can be quite dangerous.
Keenan - "How are they so dangerous?"
Philip - "Well, for one, they can run right over you".
Moriah - "They can Drive??"

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Mom W. said...

Good conclusion Moriah!!! Tell her only the Rams can drive!!! =)

Good job with the shapes Keenan!!!