Saturday, August 24, 2013

Girl's/Boy's Day

We did separate boys and girl's activities today!  This is what Moriah and I did:

-Did an early morning Walmart trip (and picked up donuts on the way home)
-Baked a Pavlova
-Went for a run
-Attended a Baby Shower
-Took Naps

Ready to go!

This dirt cake was the cutest I've seen!

It was a diaper shower - she received close to 1300!

The food was awesome!

Moriah playing dolls with some other little girls

I bought these shoes when Moriah was... probably still a baby.  She and I have been dying for the day when she could wear them!  They are adorable and she got lots of compliments at the shower!

I just posted this Cheesy Potato recipe on the food blog

...and the boys:

-Went to the Ranger Camp
- Saw (and touched) several kinds of snakes
-Watched some alligators being fed (no touching here)
-Rode horses
-Played on playgrounds
-Ate delicious BBQ
-Found a bunch of geocaches on the way home

Okay, now for the pictures (I am SOO proud of Philip for taking so many for me!) =)

 Keenan getting right into the snake action

 This is a rattlesnake - some type of Pit Viper

 Look at this huge python!
(No that is not Moriah in the front, but doesn't it look like her???)

 Yes, this picture creeped me out until I realized it was stuffed =)


Then they got to go see some real ones being fed!

 Nice shot, Philip!

 This shows how close Keenan (in the background) got to be

 A baby gator

 This guy is the big daddy - he was 13 feet long!
 This guy is braver (or more stupid) than I!

 Fun bouncy houses!

 Nice work, Keenan!

 Keenan with a piece of artillery

 Horseback riding!

 I am so in love with this picture!!!

 Happy cowboy

 My baby is ON A HORSE!  How awesome is that??

 Inside the reptile house

 Petting someone's dog

 He apparently told Philp to take a picture of him holding the leash =)

 A sneaky geocache on the way home

You unscrew these two pieces and the log is inside the connector!

All this to say, a fun day was had by all!

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The Woodfords said...

Love all the pics of your Happenings and Guys/Gals day out. Moriah's shoes are adorable!!!

Miss you, and love you all!