Thursday, August 22, 2013

EnJOIAble Snaps

So... the new venture I mentioned is that I've started doing some amateur photography for other people! I was having more and more people ask if I would do pictures for them, so I just decided to give myself a name and start offering it! =)   I had nine families signed up in the first few days!    I've done two newborn shoots recently and am currently waiting for another little one to be born!

A typical shoot lasts about an hour, and then I give them approximately 50 edited images in the next day or two.   They pay me what it is worth to them.

My photo blog is:

One thing I like to do, is make one "surprise image" on each person's disk, like this one:

Haha! =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

Hahaha! I love your idea of a surprise picture!

I forgot to tell you that I've been looking through the pictures you've taken on the other site. You do beautiful work, and I'm sure there are many many people who are going to benefit from your talent :)

Love you!

Mom W. said...

I can see lots of fun coming out of this venture!!! Good job Joia!!

Mom W. said...

I looked at all the pictures on your picture blog. You sure do have a gift for doing this. I especially liked the one of the Mom and Dad holding the new born in their hands together. The baby is perfect with eyes open and so alert!!!