Thursday, August 29, 2013

Color Your Own Backdrop

I wanted to take some new pictures of the kids, and decided that it would be fun to have them create their own backdrops for a unique touch.   It was fun!!
I love how they turned out:

Could she Be any more colorful?? =)

So Handsome!  (Yes, there is an extra "e" in his name behind his head) =)

So smiley - straight after naptime!

The process:

First, we started with a huge piece (about six feet long) of brown paper for each kid.  I taped them to the floor to keep them from rolling up, and they went to work!

Hard at work

It took several hours for the older two to complete theirs!   That's a lot of space to fill!

Caleb had some help with his when he got up =)

Fun collages with some other pictures I took:

All three cuties together

...and the crazy mom =)

I linked this post on Kammy's Korner Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday Party, check it out!


* I will also link to this in my DIY projects post


Mom W. said...

Crazy Mom all right!! But wonderful pictures!! Good thing your kids are so cooperative with your crazy ideas!!! =)

Jessica said...

Not gonna' lie..the crazy mom is my fave! LOL :) Those kids are pretty stinkin' cute too.

Mom E said...

Agreed. Crazy mom is pretty funny! Again, love all the creative photos. What an awesome idea with the color your own backdrop! Very original & I bet others will flock to it with their kids!

Amanda said...

This was so cute! What really made their art pop, was the super happy smiles they each had. Great job, mom :)