Thursday, August 1, 2013


It has been a period of transition since we got home...

Here are a few pictures of the last week...

This is a regular occurrence, but the first time I've managed to take a picture of it
(He. Loves. My. Hair!)

The Storey's long coming departure finally came and went...

Out for dinner two nights before they left
(How cute are these two?)

Goodbyes at the airport

The goodbye itself was rather excruciating, but in the days since, there has actually been a sense of relief, somewhat, to have it over with.   It's SO weird for them to not be just a couple blocks away! =0/

Caleb dumped an entire (huge) bag of animal crackers all over the floor (then figured he'd just eat them all!)   Or not.

Philip and I got to see Les Mis last week!  (The first play we'd Ever seen together!)  It. Was. Amazing!!!

Fun on the deck with the hose...
Caleb loved when it was his turn =)

Who would have thought we'd get a reflection on the wet deck?

Even color reflection =)

They were sitting in each other's chairs, and thought this was funny

Yesterday we were heading out the door to go to the splash pad, and realized it was raining.  There was no thunder or lightning (for a change), though, so I let the kids play in the rain.


Then the rain kind of fizzled out so I got out the hose...

Love the water drops on their faces

Good to be home.   Now to gear up for MOPS (I'm on steering again this year), and activities with our local home school group (also on steering with that), and starting back up with homeschooling in just three weeks!   The kids and I are also taking a trip to South Florida next week to see Wendi!  

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Mom W. said...

Cool that you got to see the play!! Is it a musical?