Sunday, August 4, 2013

Big Kahuna's Etc..

Yesterday, after living here for six years, we finally went to Big Kahuna's water park!   It was way more fun than I had expected!   I thought that everything you could see from the road was all there was, but there was Much more!   We had a great day!

Some hot guy I saw by the pool

Caleb was happy to play in this little kid's pool at the fountain while the big kids went on water slides with Daddy

Here comes Keenan!

Me =)

Out of the black tunnel


My littlest dude and I

Big cheese for Daddy

Love this one

Philip got these great shots of the kids on one of the slides - we had a great viewing spot!

It just tossed Moriah around she was so light! =)

Rough day... =)

Pretty girl in the pool

Two of my sweets

What a goof!

On one of the slides in the three tiered little kids area

Spraying arm of the octopus

The giant octopus has eaten Caleb!

Looks like he survived okay =)

...and here are a couple pictures from the day before at the splash park on base...

Hilarious (too) close up of Caleb =)

Sweet girl, super tangled hair!

She was sitting on one of the fountains and it was spraying out the neck of her shirt! =)


Keenan also had this one spray out the top of his shirt =)

This guy was happiest sitting under the umbrella with Mommy

A super fun wall I had to take a picture of!

Tomorrow morning the kids and I hit the road... again!   We will drive seven and a half hours to Merritt Island tomorrow, and then three more the next day to Fort Lauderdale to see my friend, Wendi!  Crazy?  Yup!  Is it worth it?  YES!


The Woodfords said...

Oh, wow - that looks like so much fun!!

Safe travels to Florida! We'll be praying for you as you go!

Lots of love,

PS (I just realized as we got home, that I had taken those piano books for you, and forgotten to give them to you!! =P Sorry about that! We'll just have to 'meet up' somewhere, sometime, and I'll try to remember then!!) =)

Mom W. said...

Wow,fun water park!!

Have a great time with Wendi!!

Alaina said...

We so have to go with y'all to Big Kahuna's. Let us know next time!