Sunday, August 18, 2013


Finally back to update a bit...

School is going well.  Still trying to figure out our schedule and how this works with two kids doing school and one little one running around, getting into everything, trying to make sure that No one can concentrate on learning! =)

This sweet picture was Caleb's idea

Goofy kids

We babysat Treyson for the day on Wednesday
(He and Keenan really like each other!)

Caleb likes him too =)

The kids being crazy in Daddy's office while I went up to L and D to visit a friend and her newborn son =)

Our clown at lunch time =)

So sweet in her sleep... =)
(I took this without the flash and this is exactly what her room looks like at night with her pink night light)

...and again with the silliness and food =)

I have started an exciting new venture... but more on that later.

Keenan has taken a huge interest in the piano and has learned how to play "Ode to Joy" by memory!   I'll try post the video soon.


Wegner Family said...

What night light is that?! That is awesome! I love how sweet she looks while sleeping (and all of the other time too)! ;)

Mom W. said...

=) Caleb, school bomb!!!!