Sunday, August 25, 2013

300th Geocache

We found our 300th cache today!    It was at the (overgrown) ruins of an 80 year old whiskey still!

Moriah with the cache

Philip and the kids on the edge of the huge vat!

Our three little cachers

Standing on other parts of the ruins

I almost ran into two huge spiders in their webs and nearly stepped on a snake.   I also got hot, sticky and mosquito bitten faster than anyone else and was dying for the A/C in the van.   I'm Clearly not the most hard core geocacher in our family, but it was fun to be along for this momentous one. =)

Not a geocaching picture, but super cute!   Keenan and Moriah were playing pretend this morning and dragged Caleb all over the house like this, calling him "Jack" =)

1 comment:

Mom W. said...

I love Caleb's new "smile" for pictures. He looks somewhat like his girl cousins!!

Sorry, the snakes just freak me out. Nobody should touch those things!! =)