Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Turtle Pond

The kids and I went to "turtle pond" this morning. (It's not actually called turtle pond, we just call it that, because usually when you drive by you can see 10-20 turtles perched on logs and stumps.  Today we only saw a few though, since all the rain we've had lately has submerged most of their perches.

We did have fun though and caught sight of some other wildlife!

The kids loved this tree!



One of the few turtles

Happy dude

Pretty, unknown flower and a bee

Fun reflection

Awesome dragonfly

A different kind

The highlight was seeing this armadillo up close!

The kids were so excited!

Their tails are so funny!

Into his hole

Come out!

Another pretty, random flower

Caleb was distracted by a jet...

... because they were AWESOME!!

Keenan helped Moriah up so they could both hang on this sign =)

Caleb found some "balls"

Love these, especially Keenan's expression in the bottom one! =)

This was so fun!

A plane we saw taking off on the way to the Commissary

All snuggled up for a movie =)

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Mom W. said...

Sorry, forgot to come here yesterday when I said I was going to. When you said you saw some other wild life and then put pictures of your kids, I figured they were the wild life!!! =)

Good big brother to help his sister up!!!