Monday, July 8, 2013

Rain, rain, Fireworks

 We have had a TON of rain lately, which has finally let up!   We had over a foot of rain in a week.   Since we were starting to go stir crazy in the house, we went for a "rain drive" the other day to check out some of the swollen waterways around us.

 A dock nearly submerged on the bayou

 Water gushing over the dam (instead of trickling) at College Pond

Keenan beside the retention pond behind the Grays (it's usually empty!)

The fireworks on the fourth were postponed because of... the rain.    They had them last night and the weather was perfect!

Philip got some cool shots of Keenan with a sparkler and of the fireworks (after trying a billion different  camera settings)  This is our friend, Matt (one of the new interns) with us
Isn't it funny how Philip's shirt makes it look like part of him is just missing?? =)

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