Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Rainy Fourth of July (2013)

It was a pretty wet 4th of July...  Rain, rain, rain... it has been raining for Days!!

This picture was actually taken on the 3rd, but it applies to the 4th as well

 Philip and I did the annual duathlon (5K run, 200 yard swim) in our town... in the pouring rain!   The run was definitely cool, but the rain in our eyes and having to run through huge puddles definitely added some elements of adventure.    Jumping into the water after the run was no shock, since we were already soaked!   However, it was a little disconcerting to lift your head out of the water to gulp in some air, only to be pelted with rain!   Anyhow, though the swim was rough for both of us, Philip and I ran a good race, (likely our best, but they weren't giving split times between the run and swim), and I was awarded 2nd place in my division with a time of 31.39

They gave out these cool glasses this year, much better than the awards last year

As we were waiting for the results (in the rain), they announced that they had 61 watermelons (that were supposed to be served at the festivities in the park later in the day... but it was RAINING)... and would anyone like one?   It was awesome - most of us went home with a huge melon!  I love small town races... =)

Fun cupcakes I just couldn't Not make

Lunch - A warm, comforting meal on a cold, rainy day

Pavlova for the party at Storeys

Littlest flag boy

Patriotic paci

Love 'em!

Red, white and blue family

Love this boy

Judah, Elijah and Joel



Pool time

Josh and the awesome meat sticks!

Little boys

Big kids

So good

This kid loves some corn on the cob!

... and this kid loves cupcakes

Getting ladder ball started

Just for fun

These two are nuts =)

Wagon ride for the littles

Our friends, Steve and Terri


Philip celebrating the guy's win and me being sad =)

Next up croquet

Moriah in the tree

Just workin' out..


Caleb's red, white and blue =)


Love 'em!

Moriah's first sparkler!

Love this!

Caleb loved it!

Philip's shot

Then firecrackers!

Caleb snuggling with Terri =)

Finished up the evening with some Mexican train dominos =)

 What a super fun day!


Mark and Rebekah said...

Is it bad that at the end of your post my mouth was watering? You are such a good baker/cook. Those pavlovas look DELICIOUS. DO you stack them? Oh, and gorgeous pictures as usual. A cool umbrella always makes a rainy day so much better :)

Mom W. said...

Loved the pictures even if I had seen most of them on FB already!! =) Good that the kids aren't afraid of the sparklers. I like the one where Philip is celebrating and you are sad!!

Shambach's said...

Congrats on your 2nd place in the race on July 4th. Keep up the good work. Rain does work nicely for running as long as it's warm and not pouring. We had a rainy day here too on the day of my 5K, but thankfully it wasn't downpouring and only a drizzle/light rain. Way to go though!