Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Looong break from blogging!

Our trip up North was awesome (and I have over 1,500 pictures to show for it).  I will be posting about it in chunks over the next week or so.    Here are a few highlights:

A family reunion at Aunt Patti's wedding reception

Visiting our awesome friends, Anthony and Melissa

An "illegal" picture at Tim Horton's =)

Great times at Clovermead Apiaries

(Almost) everyone had a great time at the splash park!

The fun fingerprint family tree we made

Visit with Laura

Awesome time at the lake house on Bear Lake

Pictures with Dad and Grandma

Family geocaching trip up Bear Mountain

Visit with the Haynes in Tennessee

Unexpected stay in Montgomery

Much, much more to come!


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Hannah:) said...

Awesome pics Joia!! Looks like you had an amazing trip! Looking forward to reading your blogs:) I had tonnes of comments on Harlene's photo shoot! Thanks so much again!!