Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jane's Birthday Party

As if the teeny little package I did newborn pictures of is a year old!!

So precious

She was a riot during her cake smash photo shoot!

I was thrilled when Nathalie asked me to help plan Jane's first birthday party!   She decided on a "She Sells Seashells by the Seashore" theme... since, you know, we live by the beach. =)

The sweet birthday girl

I offered to make her birthday cake and a small smash cake - and got to try out some new techniques!

Fun stuff!

This rosette cake was easy enough to do, but the humidity had some of the roses falling off the cake before the party started!  (Luckily it was the back of the cake)

Smash cake

Nathalie Jane with Nick and Nathalie

Cake time!
(She was a pro at smashing the cake since she'd already had practice!)

Happy Birthday, baby girl! =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

I think that may possibly be my favourite cake you've ever decorated!!! I LOVE the roses. It looks like an awesome birthday party for a sweet little girl :)

Mom W. said...

Very unique cake!! Good job Joia!!