Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Rainy Day at Chick Fil A and the Story of a Canvas

We had a play date planned at the beach on base today, but it got rained out, so our group of 13 ended up at Chick Fil A instead!   Nobody was sad about that... =)

Our group

The big kids

Caleb initiated this photo - he leaned into Nora Jane and said, "Cheese!" =)

Bek and Josh

I Love these two!   Caleb sharing his drink with Alaina

Now to the story of the canvas...

You may remember way back when, I pulled this canvas out of someone's trash..

Not a great picture, but a good sized canvas!

The kids were happy to help paint over it!

In it's new turquoise coat...

it starred on my Summer Mantel,

was featured at Melissa's birthday party,

...and was the backdrop for our "random things" Christmas tree on my Christmas mantel

After that, I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I decided to let the kids paint it.  Knowing that they wouldn't likely be happy creating one picture together, I divided it into sections for them to paint in.

They each got every other section

Back in January, when they started on it

...adding some color.

It was mostly finished, and then it sat.... for (ahem!) six months, until yesterday...

Putting the finishing touches on

I LOVE this tiger, wolf (howling) and rabbit that Keenan made! =)

All done!  It will likely hang in the toy room (and possibly be featured on our next mantel which will have an artwork theme)

...and then someday we'll probably paint over it again and start all over!


Mom W. said...

Fun painting!! =)

The Woodfords said...

Love the painting!!!! That was such a neat idea!

Can't wait to see you all ToMoRrOw!!! =)
Love, Steph