Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our 2013 Summer Trip up North, Part Two

We said goobye to my family on Wednesday the 17th, and headed back to Michigan.  On the way, we stopped in to see Laura and Brielle =)

Keenan and Moriah had never met her before (just seen her on skype), so they were super excited to get to hold her!

So sweet

Laura is a great Mom! =)

Geocaching at a rest area

Then on to the beautiful lake house on Bear Lake where there were 18 of us staying:

The house (it was huge!)

The kids (and Philip didn't waste any time getting in the water)...
Moriah on the boat

Keenan and Reagan (the water was soo clear!)

Love this one of Philip heading out in the kayak

Caleb was quite happy sitting on the dock playing with rocks

Keenan is quite good at kayaking himself!

Uncle Ty, Davis, Dad, and Liam

Gorgeous sunset on the lake

The Steps - 138 of them!  (I tried to do them six times a day)

A lot of games were played!

Relaxing on the hammock

Uncle Ty spotted a couple of bald eagles one morning, so we followed them in the boat to get a better look:


Happy guy in the boat

Philip and Moriah tubing with Liam

My girl and I chillin'

The water was Perfect!!

Papa giving kayaking lessons =)

Taylor doing Moriah's nails

Sharing my drink

Another beautiful sunset

Fun on the hammock

Jenga with Davis and Hudson

The babies and the Huge bear

Keenan and Reagan tubing

Davis and I were tubing together and then he jumped off of his on top of mine!  Haha!

I Love this one of Dan and his grandkids

Wrestling time!  (Notice Moriah disappeared)

Family picture with Grandma

Papa and the babies building

We had an Amazing time at the Lake!
To be continued...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Our 2013 Summer Trip up North, Part One

I know, this was a long time coming, and it's a slow start, but it's a start: (you're going to want to settle in and get comfy, we're going to be here a while)

Here are some stats from our trip:

3, 080 miles traveled
6 States, 1 province
32 geocaches (including Kentucky and Ohio's oldest caches!)
1,400 pictures taken
7 different beds
138 steps (from the Lake house down to Bear Lake in Michigan)
1 new transmission
1 rental car (to get us home while the van was being fixed)
12 (or more) hours of Adventures in Odyssey listened to

We left home on Friday, July 12th...

 Within ten minutes, this was the scene in the back of the van..

 Little foot

 Love Moriah's hat!

 Chick Fil A for diner (on Cow Appreciation Day)

 Cool silhouette of my driver

 Caleb meeting the other three as they return from a geocache

 Dance party!

I love this - these two signs are interchangeable =)

We spent a night in Tennessee, and arrived in Michigan on Saturday, the 14th.  We drove straight to Aunt Mary's, ran in, got changed and headed back out the door to Aunt Patti's wedding reception.

 Aunt Patti and Caleb

 Taylor and I

 The guys playing bocci ball

 Matt, Jess, Reagan, Hudson and Adilyn

 Aunt Patti and Kent

The first time in YEARS that all these people were in the same place, so it was a great opportunity for pictures!

The Whole Clan

 Grandma with all seven of her kids!

(these next pictures are out of order, but oh well) Our kids Love to dance!!

 Keenan and Liam

 Caleb with Angela

 Moriah and Taylor

 Caleb and Riah tearin' it up

Okay, back to the outdoor pictures:

 I Love this one!

 Caleb and Emma

 The kids ganging up on Liam


 Uncle Tim, Aunt Toni, Megan, Liam and Emma

 Uncle Ty, Taylor, Davis and Aunt Mary

 Us with Dad

Grandma with her grandkids and great grandkids

We spent the night at Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's and then had brunch with Anthony and Melissa...

 Love this family!

Then we stopped and did a virtual cache here and let the kids play at a playground before getting in the long line across the bridge...

We got to Mom and Dad's on Sunday evening and the crazy, "twenty four people in one house" fun began!

 Two cuties

A lot of grandkids around the breakfast table

It was so fun to have Rhoda come and do pictures of us all!  Can't wait to see them!

 The photographer at work

Mom and I

 My favorite guy and I

 Rhoda was very accommodating!

 Not sure what was going on here =)

 Marika picked a bunch of beautiful black berries!

 "Don't mind if I do.."


 Andrew's amazing cinnamon rolls!

 What a sweet little dolly!

Our second trip to Clovermead Apiaries was super fun (though HOT!)

 Fun shot

 The kids were sooo curious about the noisy turkey!

 He Was pretty funny looking

 Happy girl on the rope swing

 This duck cracks me up =)

 Philip and Moriah on the pedal carts

 Caleb's first ride!

 Taking a bouncy ride with Uncle Mark

 Zip line time!

 Even Caleb got to try

 Keenan on the balance ropes

 Fun at the water pumps

 Caleb LOVED this!

 Some serious competition

 Keenan's favorite part! =)

 Haha!  You two didn't really think this wouldn't show up anywhere, right? =)

 Love this one of Dad with all his grandkids!

 The bee keeper looking for the queen bee

 He passed around a drone bee, with no stinger, for the kids to hold

 I think it's on Moriah's right hand here

 Fun shot of Kyla

On Keenan's shoulder =)

 Cute girl on the fence

 Andrew eating a huge flower

 Me having a bath for 25 cents!

 Love these big smiles


 Full kitchen at mealtime!

 Kid's table

Philip took a few of the older kids geocaching one afternoon...

 One of the caches was way up in a tree!

 Good job, Keenan!

 The four brave climbers

 Riah and Keenan

 Philip got some really sweet shots

We were all (adults included), excited about the new splash park in Norwich!!

 Under the "water canopy"

 Tim and Alisa

 My little goof and I

 Keenan and Grandpa

 Haha!  Trying to plug the holes to make the one fountain shoot higher! =)

 Andrew being goofy

 Galina even put her toes in

 I'm not sure what the light flare on Bethany's face is here, but I love this picture 

 Caleb on Philip's arm =)

 Taking Grandpa for a walk

 Upside down on the swing!

 My oldest monkey

 Good climbing, Riah!

 Two cute cousins (and a new friend) on the swing

 Three little mushrooms

I found a template for a fingerprint family tree on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun project to do with our family!   It was!

I Love how it turned out, and there is plenty of room left to add "little leaves" as they come along =)

 Fun family picture with it

Little swimmers

Mark brought a few of his (pellet) guns and the guys had fun shooting:

 Love this shot

 Clearly, I have no idea about proper gun shooting form

But this guy does! =)

 Part Two coming soon...