Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Jacksonville We Go!

Yesterday was Moriah's half birthday! =)   It was a busy day, getting us all ready to go to our various places, but we did celebrate with ice cream =)

Happy 4.5 year old with her blizzard

We dropped Keenan and Moriah off with their friends, Luke and Brooke, and Caleb stayed with the Pennys.     We had a five hour drive to Jacksonville and decided it would be better not to subject the kids to that, only to turn around in the morning and do it again.

Road tripping without kids was so refreshing! =)   No whining from the back, we got to have uninterrupted conversations, and our gas/food stop was a snap!

My uber healthy choice for dinner was Popeye's.  Mmmm...

Of course we did a geocache on the way... =)

Not a stellar picture, but here's the cache

A beautiful view across the lake at the state park where we found the cache

It was also nice staying in a hotel without needing a pack'n'play, or telling the kids to be quiet and stop jumping on the beds, or trying to get three kids to sleep in the same room...  Aaahhh.... =)

This was a virtual cache on the way to my appointment in the morning:

It's called "Corporate Ladder"

My appointment went well (will do a separate post about that).

On the way home, we stopped at a pretty park called Falling Creek, so Philip could get two more caches...

I Love Spanish moss on trees!

Philip with the first cache

The falls



There was a ton of graffitti along the boardwalk, and I came across this:

Hmm, Keenan, who's Taylor??

Gorgeous butterfly that stopped flitting just long enough for me to snap this

On the road again (I loved that my drink matched my dress) =)

My handsome driver

The kids all had a great time and we were super happy to see them again!

A couple weeks ago, I had come across this little shirt (that matched my dress), and I couldn't resist it.   Moriah has been wanting us to get a picture together ever since. 

They really do match quite well!

Grouchy faces =)

Love this


Heather said...

I love seeing pictures from your adventures Joia! Thank you for sharing :)

Mom W. said...

I love that last picture too!!! Happy 4.5 Moriah!!! 5 will come all too soon!!