Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Schtuff

Here's pictures of what went on today:

Caleb wearing my shoes =)

So cute

A few pictures from our house church gathering this morning at Kevin and Alaina's:

Caleb helping out with the guitar

Alaina, Ella (the dog) and Ana

Sweet boy and his Daddy

Caleb has really started to get cosy with other people, not just Philip and I...

Chillin' with his pal, Devin

Downing an Insane amount of watermelon with his new friend, Matt
(Matt is one of the brand new interns here, he came to house church last week and seems to like us!)

Food prep (it was delicious!)

Haha!  Melissa pretending to eat a giant spoonful of salad while mixing it

This warm quinoa, strawberry, toasted pecan, arugula, and feta salad was amazing!

The color on these is really funky, but this is Caleb snuggling with Josh (who he met Today!)
(Josh is another one of the new interns here and he and his wife, Amy and their daughter Ana, joined us this morning)

Nora Jane and Ana

Keenan and Noble being cute

House church is a super serious affair

Eden and Matt having dessert

Before home group this evening:

Yay, the baby Birkenstocks fit Caleb now!   All three of our kids have worn them and I just love them!


Keenan, Moriah and Eden all dressed up

Caleb, haha!

Then Josh got a hold of the camera for a few minutes...

Not sure what's happening here


More superheroes!

Josh and Bek (I'm sure she'll love this picture)
Even Spiderman has a soft side =)

Then Caleb wanted to hold Treyson (his first time ever holding a baby)

He loved it so much!

Checking him out

Patting his head

More snuggles =)

We have been so blessed with fellowship with other local Christians.  I will likely be taking a LOT of pictures the next few weeks before our little group undergoes more change and another goodbye....

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Mom W. said...

Wow, exciting, new visitors to your housechurch!! Cute pictures with Caleb and the baby!!