Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Splashin' in Focus

We were back at the splash pad today... and this time my camera was on the right setting! =)  Not much is more fun than taking pictures of happy kids on a sunny day, splashing up some fun!

Someone was generously handing out popsicles - how fun!!

One of the buckets got Moriah!

Keenan shaking like a dog =)

Helping Caleb reach the sprayer


Caleb's funny spray face

Moriah did this all on her own!   She cracks me up!

Keenan's silly pose


"The Spraying Rings"

Sweet boy with goldfish cracker remnants on his face

Keenan's turn

Love the water in this one

Snack time

Happy boy

Silly grin

What a goof!



Mom E said...

Love love love the way your camera is capturing all the cool action with the water sprays and their expressions. Sweet how Keenan was helping Caleb and the Caleb's funny spray face was adorable. The spraying rings photo of Moriah was so cool. Love, Mom

Mark and Rebekah said...

Wowzers! You take AWESOME pictures!

My very favourite ones are on the water ring pictures - so cool :)

Mom W. said...

Fun expressions!!! Summer water fun, hope it warms up here again so the kids can enjoy the splash park when you are all here, hopefully it is operational!