Friday, June 7, 2013

Pool Party!

We were invited to a pool party/BBQ this afternoon to celebrate the end of the school year and when deciding what to take, I thought "There's not anything much more fun than making cupcakes in bright colored liners, topped with fun frosting and cute, free printable toppers, now is there?"  Nope.  There's not.  =)

Off to the party we go...

Caleb and his friend, Lucy cooling off

Keenan taking a plunge

Happy girl in goggles

What a great pool and yard!   The best part was that the pool fence kept Caleb safe and I didn't have to spend the entire time watching him!

He had a Blast with all the new toys!

Sweet girl on the tire swing

Keenan's "Oh, it's on!" face

What a goof


Moriah and Kate at dinner time

Fun shot on the diving board

His second or third piece

My friend, Jen, who I hadn't seen in ages!

Moriah's new swim suit =)

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Mom W. said...

Great cupcakes!!! =) Always a hit!! Cute kids too!!