Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perfect Day

This afternoon has been as perfect as any day is going to get on this big ol' round world... =)

Caleb snuggling one of Moriah's dolls that he'd been pushing around in the stroller

We decided to have lunch on the deck...

I love how easy my kids are to please

Mmm... summer

Striped paper straws make Any drink more fun!

I'm so in love with these curls

Oops!  Wrong part of the watermelon, Caleb!

That's more like it =)

Time to get the hose out

Notice the watermelon juice running down his belly and soaking into his diaper =)

Homemade peanut butter cups for dessert!

Caleb managing the hose

...and drinking out of it

Love this


Who keeps their eyes OPEN???

Crazy goof

Moriah gives it a try

Caleb's turn again

I love the water spiraling in the air

Get him!

I just So enjoy these three little balls of energy that the Lord has blessed me with.    Lunch.  Each other's company.  Sunshine.  A garden's the simple things =)


Mom W. said...

Love the watermelon running down the belly, what a clown!!

Hannah said...


Aunt Heather said...

Those curls remind me of Rob's!