Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Leggo My Lego

When asking Keenan what activity he'd like to do for our one on one time today, I wasn't surprised when he chose his favorite medium: Lego.

This is what he decided we should do:

It really was fun making all our names =)

Then, I decided we should do pictures with them...

Even Caleb cooperated really well (although it was immediately post nap time, so he wouldn't give up the paci)

 I showed Keenan how to focus and take my picture

Even Philip humored me and let me do his when he got home from work! =)


Mom W. said...

I know why Philip cooperated, just because you chose the right colors!! =) We did cereal box puzzles with somebody, was it you kids or our grands? Must have been with the grands... ;0

The Lego names are cool and he bubbles, wow, cool idea!!

The Woodfords said...

Finally catching up on your posts - I love all the pics and great summer ideas! Missing you, and looking forward to seeing you in less than 2 weeks!!! =)
Love you,

Kathleen said...

Very cool Lego names. I love the individual pics too.