Friday, June 28, 2013

Josh's Graduation and Stuff

So... today the third year's (aka Josh Storey's class) graduated from residency.   That means that the Storeys have completed what they came here to do.   They are now free to go.   We have only days (a couple weeks at most) left with them.   Congratulations, Josh!  But seriously, boo...

 I love this picture of their family today!

 Moriah wore a perfect twirling dress =)

 The Eglin Family Medicine Residency Staff
(notice Philip and Melissa being so mature, doing bunny ears?) 

 I love this one of Philip and his baby girl

 Well, we're all dressed up, so we may as well have a family picture

...and this Major Does look so handsome in his blues =)

Couple randoms that had no other place to go:

Caleb being silly, double pacifying

We got to watch Treyson Penny from 6:30 am until 1 pm today.   He was so much fun!  (But jeepers, I don't know how people do it with two babies of varying ages in the house!)

What a cutie!

He got soo much attention!

Oops!  I guess that didn't keep Caleb out!


Since no one was using it right then...

Philip's dad got here tonight for a couple days which is super fun!   The kids can't get enough of him and Caleb is totally enthralled with his beard.  =)

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