Saturday, June 15, 2013

Josh's Birthday and Other Happenings

Philip, Keenan and Moriah went to a geocaching event this afternoon.    I stayed home with Caleb so he wouldn't end up missing his nap.   They met up on an island (via jet ski) with a bunch of other geocachers, found seven caches on various islands, and hung out in the water.    It sounded really fun!  Here are a couple pictures Philip took:

 This flag was the log that everyone signed

 Playing in the clear shallow water

All three of them on the jet ski (with a new friend on the tube) going to one of the caches
(I'm impressed with Philip's photography skills while driving!)

Caleb and I did some grocery shopping, house cleaning, made Josh's cake and took naps. =)

Here are a few sweet post nap pictures of the little man:

Sleepy start to snack time

He's so cute and the light was so perfect, I couldn't help myself =)

Little hands in the snack bowl

Love that drooly chin

Look what he did while I was busy =)

Rebekah is out of town, visiting her grandmother this weekend, so we had Josh and the boys over for dinner, since it's his 30th birthday.   

The cake - carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting and candied walnuts

I Love this picture of Josh and his boys!


Poor Moriah got a huge sliver in her toe, and Dr. Josh did a great job getting it out!

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Mom W. said...

The cake looks really good!!!

Poor Moriah!!! =(