Saturday, June 8, 2013

Geocaching in a Plane Crash

Today we found our 200th geocache!  (I'm using "our" very loosely here, since Philip and the kids have found the vast majority of them).   Philip made it a good one - the cache was hidden in the tail of a plane that crashed in 1968!

It is a C-123 Provider that crashed on approach to Duke Field.   All four crew died.   It was rather solemn, even all these years later, seeing the wreckage scattered all over the place.  Here is what it would have looked like before the crash:

And now here is what remains today...

Keenan beside a huge piece of it in an area where the trees were cleared out a few months ago

Peeking through an opening in the body

Landing gear

One of the wings

The tail section

Moriah peeking out

Inside the tail section

The kids climbed all the way in!

View right to the back

So torn up

Philip and the kids under the horizontal stabilizer after finding the cache

Another view of the tail section

At the back.  The vertical and horizontal stabilizers are still amazingly intact 45 years after the crash but the elevators and rudder are long gone.

Someone's been using the vertical stabilizer for target practice (pretty disrespectful)

Keenan on the horizontal stabilizer

This is so cool!

Burnt portion

Glad I came along on this cache!

Sweet smiley boy

Taking the scenic route on the way back to the van

Prickly cactus I found

Fooling around with the camera while they found another cache =)

Running back to the van

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Mom W. said...

Wow, 200!!! Yikes! You guys have the geocaching bug bad!!! =) Interesting places you have had to go though, who would have guessed it would be in a crashed plane?? =/