Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun with Papa!

Philip's dad drove up on Friday night and is staying until Tuesday!   We love it when he comes to visit!

 The kids are so stoked to have him here!

 It looks like Caleb is picking his nose, but he's touching his moustache =)

Yesterday morning we went to see Monsters University (Dad didn't even mind seeing it for his second time).  Then the boys and Dad did some geocaching, and in the afternoon Philip and I went for a (kid-less), HOT run, and then we had dinner at Lincoln Park.

 Fun times, despite the gnats

 Reading the kids a cool story before bed

We had a relaxed, family morning at home while Dad went to Calvary Chapel in FWB.   Then we had lunch and headed out with the jet ski.

 Papa keeping an eye on Caleb on the dock

 love this

 One shot through the tree

 Off they go!
 Caleb had a great time collecting things and throwing them in the water

Back by

Philip and Dad

Dad took it out on his own for a bit

I did my first (and maybe only, since there's only three days left) practice swim before our duathlon on the 4th.  Oops.

I loved this bank of clouds!

Dad and Moriah pulling Philip and Keenan on the tube

I like this guy

Me jetskiing with dolphins!

I LOVE this picture!
I was trying to get a cool reflection picture of the kids in this huge puddle, and then Philip and Dad went by in the background!!

It was apparently a rather bumpy ride for Dad! =)

This evening at small group we did a big shrimp boil!   How fun!

One of the kid's tables (Eden, Nora Jane, Judah and Jade)

More kids (Moriah, Keenan, Vivi and Elijah)


Caleb, Philip, Kevin, Alaina, Rebekah and Josh

At the other end - Melissa, Devin, Dad, Me

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