Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun Summer Activities

Here are a bunch of fun summer activities that the kids and I have tried out the last couple days.   They are not new (hello, Pinterest), but mostly new to us...  I will continue to add to this post and link back to it over the summer.

Cereal box puzzles with breakfast

Not really an activity - Shakes from Sonic!

Cut the bottom off of water bottles, attach a piece of terry washcloth with a rubberband.   Mix dish soap with water (2 parts soap to 1 part water)

Dip the bottom of the bottle in the solution and blow!


Freeze some small toys in a block of ice and let your little archeologists go to it with their tools - outside!

We finally got some sand for the sandbox (it has been empty for a loong time!)

Popsicles to cool off!

We had these at snack time - so fun!
(I just froze two 12 oz bottles of coke for 2.5 hours and then poured them out)
*be careful when opening!

And we had to have some of Moriah's pretty cookies with them

Love this

Caleb gets a taste

Mix: 1/4 cup of cold water, 1/4 cup of cornstarch and a little food coloring - voila!

We weren't sure about this when we first started painting, because it hardly showed up, but when it dried, it was quite bright!

Toes and letters

(found on
I noticed today that we have a ton of tin foil (two unopened rolls after the one I'm using), so I decided to find a fun craft that uses it!  I Love this one!

1. Supplies - foil, scissors, cereal box (or any cardboard), masking tape, yarn and permanent markers (washable or dry erase ones do not work well).

2. Cut small slits at random points around the edges of the cardboard.

3. Hook your yarn through one of the slits and start criss crossing the cardboard.

4. When it looks the way you want, you're done!

5. Wrap the cardboard in foil and tape to the back.

6. Rub your fingers over the yarn to make it "pop out".   Get decorating!

Caleb peeking over Moriah's shoulder

Intent on the task at hand

This craft was so fun, I even joined in!

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen the Diet Coke and mentos experiment, but we realized today we had never shown our kids!    What fun!

I love the look on Keenan's face!

In case you haven't done this before, this is what you do:

Open a 2 litre of Diet Coke (outside!)
Roll up a piece of paper and put six mentos (stacked) inside
Place a playing card over the opening to the bottle
Stand up the roll of paper on top of the playing card, over the opening.
Pull out the playing card, let the mentos drop in - and RUN!

More fun to come!!

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Anonymous said...

Want another suggestion, Joia? Get some aerosol cans (any cheap $1 store brand will do!) of shaving cream and spray the contents into a bucket for each child. Give them each a large clean paint brush and let them all be Tom Sawyers by
"whitewashing the fence"! Next time it rains, it'll all wash off. I like your activities here - will have to try some with Emma.
Aunt Nora