Thursday, June 27, 2013

FMR Banquet 2013

Last night was the formal event of the year for the residency, the annual graduation banquet.  It's always a great evening of great food, good laughs, (some tears), great friends and Lots of pictures!  Here are a few:

Rebekah and I

Last formal picture together =(

Weird dudes 
Philip with our friends, Cliff, (Matt) and Josh

Kevin and Alaina

Nick and Nathalie

Denny and Abby

Love these girls!

Nathalie, Abby, Rebekah, Me, Alaina

My handsome husband

More of my girls
Melissa, Me, Susan, Alaina

Rebekah and I with our friend and doctor, Jen Chang
(She is leaving next week for Omaha)

Josh and Rebekah (they are always such a stunning couple!)

Rowena and I

Melissa, Devin and baby Treyson

The graduating class - you'll be missed!!

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