Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

First off, to the man of This house, I say Happy Father's Day!

We love you so much and we are so blessed to have you for a Daddy/husband in our home!

On to some cute pictures of the three cuties who call you Daddy:

 Just like you

 We love Dad!

And to the three dads in our lives - Happy Father's Day!   Thanks for loving us and for all you've invested into our lives - we love you!


Mark and Rebekah said...

What a nice tribute to a great dad (and your great dads too.)

I loved all of the pictures, especially of the three kids dressed in Philip's things :) So cute!

Mom W. said...

I loved the pictures of the kids dressed in Philips duds!! Especially Caleb, hilarious!! Cool idea with the letters of DAD too!!

Mom E said...

yes, very cute seeing the kids dressed in Philip's duds (as your mom said). Thanks so much for your tribute.