Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Kayak Trip and a Birthday Party at the Beach

Philip, Keenan and Moriah kayaked for several hours down Turkey Creek this morning... and did six geocaches along the way!

(Since Caleb and I didn't get to go, I am always Really happy when Philip takes pictures on these trips, so I don't miss out on everything!)

Just before setting off

At the first cache

Keenan on top of a huge culvert they paddled through

Moriah in the same spot, so cute!

I complimented Philip on his artistic placement of the kayak in the background =)

Yay!  All three!

With the cache

With the kayak where they "docked" to geocache

I was actually feeling quite sick this morning, so it was nice to just have Caleb in the house, and be able to nap when he did and not have to worry about anyone else.

This afternoon we went to Vivi's 7th birthday party at the little beach on base.  It was so fun!

Caleb climbing up the huge lifeguard chair

Scooting down the sand to the beach

Treyson is just getting chunkier and cuter!

My handsome man on the volleyball court

Some happy kids in the water

Nora Jane borrowed my cake decorating supplies and did these cupcakes all on her own with fun beach themed rings on top!  (She even built the display shelf from scrap wood!)

Love this picture of the birthday girl!

Moriah and Judah

NJ and her cupcake creations =)

Eden and Keenan

Caleb and his favorite "lovey", my hair

I love how Rebekah caught his curls in the sunlight =)

 Double Bunny snuggle


Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow! So nice of Philip to take those pictures! They're awesome! I'm glad that they had such a fun time away. I don't think I've seen a kayak like that one... It looks more like a kay-noe or a can-yak :) Is it yours?
Hope you're feeling better soon! (Or already!)

Mom W. said...

What a fun trip for the kids with Philip!! Great pictures!! Great party to. Wow, I am impressed with NJ's decorating!! Good job!!

Mom E said...

wow! 6 geocaches. that's incredible. Great pics all the way around.