Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Fun Six Kid Morning!

Man, I can't get enough of taking pictures of these six, since they only have mere weeks left together!

Elijah, Judah and Joel spent the morning and lunch with us today so Rebekah could run some errands.   The kids were all awesome!   They pretty much played in pairs, by age.

The big boys playing with lego

The littlest ones being sweet

The blondies reading books (again) =)

Snack time!

Playing a duet

They had fun going through all the shoe bins and picking out some funny pairs! =)

The trampoline is a much safer place when the big boys are busy elsewhere...

These four had a great time!

Judah has the perfect hair for this!!

The tongue is a crucial part of jumping high...

See? =)

More awesome hair

Some fun pictures I took of the boys:

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Mom W. said...

Really good pictures Joia!!!