Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Three Chairs, Three Kids, One Camera

 This first picture is to explain the presence of tattoos in the later pictures... =)

The kids got some Gatorade tattoos at the race yesterday and were so proud of them when Daddy put them on last night!

I came across these three chairs in someone's trash today and, while they are in rough shape (too far gone for me to redo them for actual use inside), I knew they would be perfect for pictures!   Besides, I needed an excuse to play with my new camera...

Three chairs, now add...

 Three kids!

 Teeth or no, he's still so handsome!

 Love that smile


 Little piggies

 Sweet smirk

 This one didn't really want to sit around =)

 Funny kid

It was fun playing with the focus...

 Sweet kiss in the background

 Enough of that!

 High five!

 How sweet are they back there??

 Caleb decides to check it out

 Necklace design by Keenan

 I'm so funny!

I decided to have Keenan lay across the chairs with the other two sitting on him... Hilarity ensued:

 I did tell Caleb to "get Keenan", and he was happy to oblige!

 Keenan was such a great sport!

 Caleb is Thoroughly enjoying himself here!!

 My favorite

 Three sets of toes

 Caleb Loves to dance, but I don't often catch him on camera!
This kid has some moves! =)

 "Ring around the Rosie..."

 "...we all fall down!"


Mom W. said...

Just catching up after being away, cute fun with the chairs!!! Cute kids, love Calebs "moves"!! =)

Mom E said...

Oh my world, Joia, this is a great & fun post! I just loved ALL the pics of the kids. It's hard to pic a fav but I did really love that you got Moriah kissing Keenan in the background & Caleb bustin' a move, getting his groove on! Great idea with the chairs. Love, Mom