Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Big Fat Florida Life

Time to hit the water, the heat is HERE!

We went to the splash park on base for the first time this season on Tuesday with the Storeys.  (The setting on my camera was totally off, so these are way overexposed, but cute anyway).

Joel and Caleb

Keenan getting doused

Love this

He's getting much braver about going in the spray!


Moriah and Judah (so cute together)

Good buds, Elijah and Keenan

Moriah in a new outfit =)

The kids and I spent a glorious hour yesterday having a picnic and playing in the water and sand...


Caleb in his new swim gear

Having chips while pondering life

I was there too =)

Digging holes

This kid climbs EVERYTHING!

He absolutely loves Spunky

...and she puts up with him so well

I had fun taking a bunch of pictures of her this morning
This is my favorite =)


Mom W. said...

Fun in the sun!!! What a little poser Moriah is!!!

Mom E said...

Love the little Superman & like I said on FB, I just love his little cheek poking out of his diaper while standing on the piano keys! Such a cutie. And the one with him laying on Spunkette (the ette is more feminine - lol) is absolutely priceless! Great close-up of Spunky. Moriah looks so adorable in her new outfit. Love, Mom